Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cashcrate Overview Video

Hey everyone! This is an extensive overview of This video will walk you through the pages of the website. It will show you most of the different tabs on the homepage, plus all the extra benefits of being a member. Once you haven gotten a tour, please feel free to click on any of the links to get started.

I will personally help you with any questions or concerns. I will give you all the knowledge I know about this safe and free website to start making fast easy money online. So join today and you too can begin cashing monthly checks for completing product offers and surveys at !

Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 100 ways to get referrals

Here is an extensive list of ideas on how to get referrals on Some are humorous and some are just down right ridiculous but most are very informative, unique, and beneficial. The main idea is to think outside of the box and just get your information out there to be seen.

1. Post on GPT forums.
2. Tell friends and family.
3. Guild members and online friends.
4. Door-hang around neighborhoods.
5. Walk through parking lots putting flyers on cars.
6. Write a blog.
7. Keep your referral link on your Sig. on all forums with a brief explanation
8. Find chat rooms and groups that have the sole purpose of "Easy Money Making"
9. Write a classified ad.
10. Talk to students at high schools and colleges.
11. Put a flyer up at work.
12. Advertise while you drive with flags, bumper stickers, etc.
13. Post your link at the end of your YouTube videos.
14. Attach a .txt in an RAR file with that you can upload with your referral link
15. Give flyers for local businesses to hand out.
16. Send out flyers in a mailing list (ex.:
17. Get a bot/macro to post your link with a simple explanation on any server you may be hosting/running
18. Make a website.
19. Tell people thru IM/PM
20. Link-Exchange
21. Paid advertising on other people's websites
22. Advertise on on-line games.
23. Print business cards and include your phone number to enter into business drawings (like you find in a lot of restaurants)
24. Buy "paid to sign up" at other GPT sites
25. Buy an expired domain with traffic and "redirect" to your referral link ex:
26. Buy banner space. Impression in high PR forums/groups.
27. Buy text links on blogs/forums/groups
28. Offer cash or other incentives for sign-ups
29. Add your ref. link or website to a filename of an mp3, video, or program and share it over a file-sharing network like Bear Share or a torrent program.
30. Free traffic exchanges
31. Paid traffic exchanges
32. Google Adwords (makes website ads that link to your website or ref. link)
33. Mention that you get paid in US funds
34. Rent a billboard (Approx. $8-$15 per day)
35. Get a tattoo with your referral link on it
36. Go door-to-door and ask in person
37. Add your site/blog to digg, stumble upon, Bumpzee,, etc
38. Have a friend or network digg your site/blog to digg, stumble, etc
39. Get a custom made shirt with advertisement on the front and/or back
40. Radio advertisement for your referral link or website.
41. Set up an info-kiosk in front of your local store or empty lot.
42. Attach your referral link in your email address or sig.
43. Road-side signs & banners
44. Have people sign up through CashCrate in order to play a fun online-game.
45. Optimize your website for excellent search engine ranking.
46. Add regular content to your site or blog. Keep it updated with new info.
47. On your banner/images, use the "alt tag" with either your webpage/blog or "keyword". Search engines can index/spider images, so adding the "alt tag" helps "define" the image!
48. Put a cheap ad in your local penny saver or thrifty nickel in the help wanted or employment section
49. Make a fake wallet out of fabric and put fake money in it with your ref link or website written all over it.
50. - For a fee, they will send targeted, unique visitors to your page.
51. Put up an advertisement that says “free money”.
52. Put an E-book up for auction on Ebay with your blog or other website info in it.
53. Before shipping eBay items, put an ad with your ref. link in the box.
54. Send email to all your contacts, and tell them to join with your referral link
55. Tell people at school
56. Paint your house with your referral link
57. Use the so you can change your referral link completely.
58. Make a sign to put on a row of shared mailboxes
59. Post an add in the newspaper
60. Sign up for a virtual business card. and list your blog under the money making forum. Once you sign up, visit other money making blogs and drop your card on their site.
61. Build a huge online community friends list and dedicate the profile to your blog or website.
62. Place business cards with your referral link in shopping carts.
63. Put up a flyer that has your ref. link with tear off tabs on store bulletin boards.
64. Go to the library and place business cards with referral links in books about financing, debt, home businesses, etc.
65. Place business cards with referral link in public restrooms.
66. Place your referral link on counterstrike.
67. Text your link to all your friends/family.
68. Make a tag to your CashCrate link or your blog.
69. Set your in-game username to a shortened link or your referral link.
70. Hold up a sign on a street corner just like a car wash.
71. Write a song about it
72. Put your URL in your PS3's comment.
73. Point out that this is not a scam such as "free to sign up”, post testimonials, or "doesn't require confidential information such as credit cards, bank account, or social security info.
74. Register to where you can earn referrals.
75. Print off fake/dummy checks and leave them at heavily populated places.
Make it out to Uncle Sam for $23,000, sign it, and just below the dollar amount, put in case this check is found, please visit www.”yourwebsite”.com.
76. The idea is that if you have ever lost Money you can make it back at this website:
77. Hold a raffle drawing for a cheap product and give out raffle tickets with your ref link or website on it.
78. Yell out your referral link when you are walking down the street. People will notice!
79. Have a pilot write your ref. link in the sky with his plane.
80. Put business cards in the credit card slots at gas stations.
81. Make business card coupons with your website or ref. link and leave at different stores with a Take One – Free sign.
82. Buy a pack of blank CD’s and burn a run file of your website or a notepad file with a copy of your blog or ref link.
83. Print free business cards at
84. Get pencils, paper, pens, magnets, etc printed with your link on them and "leave" them lying around. (Free at
85. Start up a free online game site full of free java and flash games and embed your banner into the top of each game.
86. Paint your referral link on your car and go on a road trip across America.
87. Put the link on your msn name.
88. Pass out cards at a trade show.
89. Write your link on the back of a restaurant paper placemat.
90. Threaten people to sign up
91. Tell them if they sign up, and use the forums, they can see a dancing banana!
92. Get a rubber stamp and stamp your ref. link or website on envelopes that you use to mail bills.
93. Offer to help find their first referrals after signing up under you.
94. Write an article.
95. Paint your referral link on the street
96. "Brand" yourself with a familiar name on forums, articles, etc.
97. Reserve a booth at the next festival or fair and set up a wireless laptop for demos.
98. Cross-link your website, blogs, articles, posts, and classifieds.
99. Get custom-made ink-filled shoes with your ref. link embedded on the bottom so everywhere you walk, it acts like a pen and stamps your link everywhere!
100. Open a CashCrate store with your website name or ref. link!

Saturday, May 23, 2009 - Proof of Payment

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to say I am so excited about! I received my first check today for the amount of $39.90. This was my first time participating in GPT sites and now I am sold. The proof is right in front of me, I got almost $40 just for filling out surveys and product offers online for free. It is totally safe and completely free to join

I signed up around the middle of March which only gave me half a month to reach the $20 payout requirement. Also, at the same time, I was learning the ins and outs of the website and only participating in my spare time. That's right, I got paid almost $40 at my first crack at it. I can't wait for what lies ahead in the fun world of online surveys and product offers.

Like I stated in my first blog, I am just as much of a skeptic as anyone but this website proved to me that you can make fun, fast, free and safe money online. Join me by clicking on any of the links or banners and start making easy money just like I did. I'd like to personally thank for the opportunity to start making money on my own while at home in my spare time. I would also like to mention the forums, tutorials and administrators at that help everyday with answering questions and making it easy to start.

For everyone out there who think that all GPT websites are a scam, here is proof of my first check: starts cutting, printing, and mailing checks on the 15th of every month and I recieved mine on the 22nd. The "VOID" watermarks are security features so you can't scan and/or copy checks. These markings are imbedded in the check background and only show up when you attempt to duplicate the original check. I did scan this check to be able to post online.

There you go, the proof is in the pudding. Fast, free, fun and safe money making opportunities await you at

Thanks again and Happy Money Making!!

Here is MORE proof that really works!!! This portion of my blog will consist of monthly checks as the adventure continues.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 tutorial - How to complete a product offer

Hello again,
This is a simple walk-through tutorial on how to complete a product offer at Hopefully this will help as a basic guide to answer some questions about offer completion. In this tutorial I completed one of the 100% free offers that pays out $0.25. The following will consist of a step by step explanation with photos and concluding with a few tips to streamline the product offer completion process. Ok, I guess that's it, so here we go!

Step 1. First begin by logging in at and scrolling down a bit to show the "cash offers" tab. You should adjust your display tab to show only 100% free offers. Notice in this example that my current month's earnings are $11.05.

Step 2. Next, pick any offer that you might want to complete. In this example, I chose the "TMobile G1" offer for $0.25. Also pay special attention to the description of the offer being completed. This tells you specifically what needs to be done to get the pay out. For the "TMobile G1" offer the description says:

"Complete the survey and registration on the first two pages. Participate in 1 or more sponsored offer(s) that you are interested in during the registration and click on 2 offers in the reward section."

I will go over in detail the meaning of the description as we continue.

Step 3. The first page of the offer appears and you will need to provide a valid email address and on some offers, check the "I agree" box concerning privacy, terms of service, etc.

Step 4. The next page appears and you will need to provide valid personal information such as name, address, date of birth, home phone number and gender. Some offers ask for more but they usually ask for the same material as this one. Again, you may also be asked to check the "I agree" box. Remember the offer description concerning completing the "first two pages"? Well, that was it, you just completed the first two pages.

Step 5. Now, you will take part in product offers asking you specific marketing questions pertaining to your personal habits and/or purchasing preferences. There is usually a series of about five to ten identical yes/no questions with different products for each. Click "no" on all the offers unless you do want to submit your information to any of the offers that might interest you. You do not have to click "yes" on any of these offers.

Step 6. Next, there will be a series of surveys that you can sign up for if you are interested. Again, you do not have to sign up for any of them. If you are not interested, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "skip" button. There will be another group of five to ten survey offers that are identical but have different offers for each.

Step 7. Next, there will be a list of optional offers and special free items if you are interested. The best way to complete these lists is to press "alt +" on you keyboard. This key stroke will automatically enter "no" for all the offers down the list. With this list you will have to click "yes" for one of them to continue. This does not obligate you to anything extra but does load another page. I usually "alt +" then scroll down and click "yes" on the last offer.

Step 8. After clicking "yes" on one of the optional offers a new page will appear. Again, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "skip" unless you are interested in that offer. Remember the description that said "participate in one of the sponsored offers"? That is what we just did. By clicking "yes" and allowing the new page to open, you have participated. You do not have to complete the offer though.

Step 9. Now, another product survey will load asking for your personal product opinions. With this list, just press "alt +" and submit answers. You do not have to click "yes" for any of these questions.

Step 10. We are reaching the end of the product offer. Most offers will end with silver, gold, and platinum offers which are more options for free stuff and special offers. Scroll down to the offers and click on two of them; the offers you clicked on will load in a new page. Again, you do not have to complete these offers but you will need to click on them to load the new pages. Remember the description that states, "click on 2 offers in the reward section"? Yes, once again, you just completed that part of the description. After all the pages have loaded, you can now close out all the pages and go back to

Step 11. Click the "submit" button that corresponds with the offer you just completed and you are done. Congratulations, you just earned fast, free, easy money at!!!

The offers you complete will payout at different times based on the company and website that provided the offer. Some are immediately and some can take a few days. After about an hour for this offer my payout confirmed. Now if you notice, my current month's earnings is $11.30. You can also check your "pending offers" and "completed offers" to keep updated on which offers have confirmed and which are still pending. This tutorial is detailed and if you followed step by step through the process it might have taken some time but once you understand the process and what it takes to complete an offer, the entire procedure takes about one minute.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Always make sure your pages load completely. Most browsers show a progress wheel or hour glass or something of that nature.

2. The 100% free offers are just that, completely free. There should never be a point where you are requested to pay. On the other hand, does have pay offers that payout much more but you have to pay a fee for the service and be aware of the trial offer cutoff times. That is another bag of beans that can only be decided personally and after some experience in product offer completion.

3. Make sure to change emails and clear your cookies between every offer. Most companies are looking for new consumers and will not pay you twice for the same information. By providing a new email every offer, this will decrease the amount of long standing pending offers. It's a good idea to create a good handful of emails and rotate them from offer to offer. "Cookies" are like tags in your computer that tell where you have been. If you clean them out in between offers, the sites you go to will not see a tag and assume you are a new consumer.

4. There are free email hosting sites online to allow for multiple emails. There are also safe and free downloadable programs online that will assist in your cookie cleaning as well as form fillers that will help in the time spent fill out the same forms for every offer.

5. Remember to have fun and stay positive. is a great way to make easy money online in your spare time. Just starting off can produce anywhere from $20 to $200 a month. There are professional cashcraters out there that do this for a living involving offers, surveys, promoting and referrals that average in the range of $1000 to $2000 a month!!

Thanks for your time, good luck and Happy Money Making!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 - Make Money Online

  1. Cash Back on online purchases with companies such as Apple iTunes, Cingular Wireless,, McAfee, NFL Shop, Office Depot and more. By joining, you are eligible to receive a cash back percentage just for registering and completing offers.
  2. Cash Prizes for the Top 20 users who complete the most offers and surveys. Prizes range from $5 for 20th place to $150 for 1st!! That's extra money in your pocket!
  3. Point Prizes for completing offers and surveys too. When you complete offers and surveys, you get points. These points add up to free products ranging from $10 gift cards and certificates to awesome digital cameras, iPods, and PS3 gaming consoles.
  4. And don't forget about the amazing referral program they have. Many online money makers know that is well known for their referral program. By referring others to the site, you receive an additional percentage when they complete offers and surveys too. The referral program is two tier so if you get a referral and that referral also gets a referral, you make money from both. Once again, extra money in your pocket just for registering and completing offers!

So many ways to put some extra money in your pocket, how can you resist? Please join the one million and growing users of this site. The experience is completely safe and totally free. Thank you for your time and when you are ready to join, please click on any of the links to start your journey. Happy Money Making!!